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Storm Realty is excited that you are taking the time to read this page about joining our Storm Realty Team. Our Founder & CEO of Storm Realty, Steven Iwachniuk, is also the Broker of Record of Storm Realty. Steven is dedicated to raising the bar of professionalism in the real estate industry and is building a team of professionals to help him expand Storm Realty throughout Canada. Storm Realty is already expanding throughout Eastern Ontario and the growth and success of the company have been beautiful. Storm Realty will continue to grow because Steven Iwachniuk and his team at Storm Realty have built Storm Realty for you! Whether you are just getting into the real estate business or you are an experienced and seasoned realtor, Storm Realty has a program for you because Storm Realty was designed for you! Storm Realty was designed so everyone can succeed in the real estate business as long as they put forth the effort to do so. Storm Realty's training is amongst the best in the industry and will continue to keep getting better as the company continues to grow throughout Canada.

Let's hear from a few REALTORS® about the Amazing Storm Realty Training Program

There is nothing better than hearing from the people who are living the experience and enjoying their journey with Storm Realty.

Different experiences that Founder & CEO of Storm Realty Steven Iwachniuk has had over the years in the real estate business have all been brought together into one place to create a powerful company called Storm Realty. Storm Realty has been built and designed for their realtors to grow and succeed. When you the realtor are successful, then and only then, we as a company are successful!

Let's hear from a few REALTORS® about why they decided to choose Storm Realty.

Storm Realty have a wonderful team of realtors who are all a part of the Storm Realty family. The Storm Realty family are a bunch of like minded people who believe in working hard and working together to get the job done for all of our clients when they are buying or selling real estate. It's wonderful to have the support from everyone in our Storm Realty family and as far as Storm Realty is concerned, we are on the way to building the largest, most productive and most profitable real estate company in the world as a team and there is nothing better than that!

Who it Storm Realty?

Storm Realty is Different and being different is a good thing!

Most of the real estate companies throughout the world are pretty similar in many ways. Storm Realty is different in many ways and every way they can. Storm Realty really Cares about their realtors and about their entire team! Storm Realty is separating themselves every day and different realtors in other companies are noticing the difference and commenting when they are in our Storm Realty office. They can feel the positive hardworking vibration that has created a powerful culture of success that is amongst the best in the industry. The Storm Realty mentoring program is one of the best one on one coaching systems that you can receive in the real estate industry and is helping teach new and experienced realtors how to get the most out of life and their business.

Storm Realty loves hearing from their team of REALTORS®. Let's hear from a few REALTORS® and see what their favourite part about Storm Realty is?

Have you ever worked somewhere, where you just knew that your were working at the right place and with the right people? Sometimes we get a feeling that is wonderful and we just know that we are home. That feeling of peace and love is what Storm Realty is trying to create every day so that all of our realtors feel comfortable and feel like they are at home.

Let's go watch the short video about a few Storm Realty REALTORS® knowing when they were with the right company when they joined our Storm Realty Team.

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The Storm Realty Story

Steven Iwachniuk Broker of Record and Owner of Storm Realty started selling real estate on April 1st, 2004 with another local real estate company in Cornwall, Ontario. Roughly six years later in 2010, one night Steven was going to bed and he ask himself, "What do I want to do with the rest of my life? He then wrote the question down on a piece of paper and put it beside his bed. Around 2:30 am that night he jumped out of bed. His wife Julie was startled and ask what's wrong? Steven replied, I know what we need to do. We are going to open our own real estate brokerage. ‚ÄčThe very next day Steven started researching, how do I open a real estate brokerage in Ontario, Canada and then a few days later he went to see his lawyer to start the process. On June 24th, 2010, Storm Realty was born. Read More >>

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